Your accommodation is equipped with furniture and decoration items and your kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils. We kindly ask you to take good care; the list of such equipment is available in the kitchen. Please check it at the arrival.
Any missing or damaged equipment will be charged.
The hotel does not provide additional facilities during your stay.
In case of malfunction of equipment, please call the reception. Repairs of electrical appliances are possible during the day from 09 to 18 hours.

Check Out

Checkout time is at noon. After this time, the next night will be charged.
Please contact the reception staff on your departure to check the inventory of your accommodation. The inventory takes 30 mins to 01 hour approximately.

Check In

Check-in time is at 1400
Please leave a print of your credit card at the reception to cover any extra charges.
You can ask the reception for luggage assistance, you can also leave your luggage in the luggage room, free of charge while waiting for your departure.

Room key

Please keep your key card with you during your stay. It will be required to justify your presence in the hotel. Kindly return it to the reception on the day of your departure.


The guest phones are set to internal calls only.


The Hotel does not accept pets except for some breeds of domestic animals. Please contact the management for further information. Thank you for your understanding.

valuable Items

The hotel is not responsible for valuables left in your accommodation, stolen, missing or lost in public places. A safety box is at your disposal in your room.

Non-smoking areas

Outlets, with the exception of the bar, the lobby and some Suites Hotel are considered non-smoking areas


If you expect a phone call, a message or a visit, kindly  inform the reception.



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